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The result is more power, better power, easier starting and ultimately faster lap times. We have done extensive work to include tune parameters which improve starting and almost eliminate the flame-outs experienced with some EFI bikes. All that is left is for you to do is choose a setting that best suits your riding style or track conditions and ride! Availability: In stock Ships: Worldwide. After watching your video on Vortex I bit the bullet and ordered one.

Installed two days ago and have ridden it twice, once in power mode 1 and then in power mode 5. If you want your to rip as it should, and I realize rip is subjective on ayou need this Vortex. Faster, stronger and better than any other mod out there. Great to see a product work as good or better than advertised from a dealer who truly knows his stuff! Thanks to Jeff and Slavens Cycle.

I never put any ones stickers on my bikes, but in this case, Slavens and Vortex are proudly displayed! Sign Up Now. Select Model. Your garage is empty. Add to Wishlist. Customer Testimonial After watching your video on Vortex I bit the bullet and ordered one. Product Video. To receive the Slavens Racing email newsletter please signup. Recent Posts.

Follow Us.Today, in this modern era where Fuel Injection System has taken over good old Carburetors, the power delivery is managed by Engine Control Unit ECU that electronically controls a series of actuators on an internal combustion engine to ensure optimal engine performance.

ECU Programming: Just like carburetor tuning, this is not an easy process. The greater the RPM, more the ignition timing would advance. Programming an ECU is removing things like low RPM power restrictions, closed loop fuel maps, errors when upgrading parts and a plenty of other options. With the default factory settings, the ECU is setup for use with balanced performance and fuel economy; by remapping the ECU, we can make an engine run more efficiently or create more power by increasing efficiency of the engine.

Throttle restrictions are removed and this gives a considerable power gain in lower gears. Timing retard is also removed to make engine rev faster. Also, it is not just about smoothness and power, in some cases the rider may opt for a better fuel economy.

Although a map file extracted from an ECU will actually contain several maps, Eg. Boost map, Fuel pressure map, Injection quantity map, lambda map, etc, which we will address in the later part of this article. Jul 26, Copyright - All Rights Reserved.Shootouts are upon us and you may find that the KTM SX-F you already purchased may or may not have done too well. Although the Keefer Inc.

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However, I will say over the past couple years I have been gravitating more towards the orange and white bikes and for good reason. They are light, corner great, are easy to ride, and so far have been fairly reliable. For though there are some things that KTM missed the mark on, but once those pieces to the puzzle are fixed and put together, this is easily one of my favorite bikes to ride.

All of the new bikes are so close that all it takes is a few small changes to propel them up to a shootout wining machine.

The bike almost feels too lethargic coming out of corners because the mapping is too rich. When accelerating down a straight the SX-F can fall flat compared to the With this rich feel off the bottom it makes the KTM hard to get in and out of corners quickly because it feels so lazy engine wise.

Once I put the re-mapped ECU in the KTM, it had a cleaner roll on feel, more excitement out of corners, yet kept its smoother pulling power nature that I liked so much. Just this mod alone can make this KTM jump from a fifth place machine to a first place machine. Twisted Development installed two maps inside the Vortex box one map for race fuel and one map for pump fuel and I simply plugged it in and was on my way.

The ignition also gives the KTM a more throatier sound with added bark. I lost count on how many people have commented on the sound of my SX-F. I almost have to double chicken wing it to get there at times. In order to combat that and get some more bottom end feeling, install the black throttle cam that KTM offers you. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to roll through corners while having to twist the throttle almost half way to get the desired pull you want.

Go to the black throttle cam! Cornering improved for me when I cut the bars down and overall feel of the machine is much better with the narrower width. Air Pressure: Not only will you be getting some added horsepower, but you will also be losing almost two extra pounds over the stock system, which will help when you go to spring forks more on that later.

I will find a good setting with the AER fork and it changes slightly throughout the day. The first thing I noticed when I went out on the track with the Cone Valve fork was that the KTM turned slightly slower on initial lean. I started out with a fork height of 3mm up in the fork, but went with a 5mm height setting after I felt the slower front end lean feel.

Along with the extra weight feeling however I gained more front end traction through every corner especially flat corners. The Cone Valve fork leaves you with a more front end tire contact patch sensation and you can lean over more in ruts without getting the high front end, vague feeling like I did with the AER fork.

With the AER fork I get some pushing in the front end through the middle to end of the corner, which made me roll off the throttle to try and compensate.

EFI & ECU Controllers

With the Cone Valve fork I can lean in the corner and the fork stayed planted, which let my front end settle and bite. The CV fork also felt less active on braking bumps.

I am able to jump in and out of bigger bumps think Marvin Musquin without having the fork rebound too quick. If I wanted to pound through the bumps, the fork had better damping feeling through the middle to end part of the stroke.Anyone know of a program to remap the and newer KTM's? I know you could use the user setting tool for the older ones, but what about the new ones? Derek Harris. T-Fish wrote:. I'm assuming you guys have been happy with twisted's remaps.

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Do they set it up for each bike based on your mods? The biggest difference I found with the Twisted maps are the response from the throttle and the progressive nature of the power.

The way the power comes on much more instant and usable then stock. Also the freeness of the engine off throttle makes the suspension feel much more plush. The plus of the Vortex are the options with the maps.

They were able to give me 3 maps that are selectable with the map switch. On a side note, has anyone ran anything higher octane than pump gas in their ? At compression I would think that there would be a noticeable difference.

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Especially with the clatter they make coming off idle. Pump gas is a joke. They run incredibly well on it to be fair, but even a quality octane booster makes a noticeable difference.

ktm ecu mapping

My 17 crf is Now on a at I was thinking more or less mixing and premium pump gas. Every I've heard as a tiny bit of spark knock under load when coming off idle. The up 's have compression stock.

What does Twisted charge for a remap on a KTM ? Toko Mods does it for I think 98 bucks.

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Thinking of sending it off to one of the two I saw that Tokyo Mods will remap for free if you buy a pipe from them. That seems like a pretty good deal to me. PTshox wrote:. I've worked with them directly at Glen Helen World Vets.

One of the best mods I did. Vital MX - Motocross. Related: Edit Tags Done. Edit Tags Done. T-Fish wrote: Send it to Twisted.

Anyone have an opinion on who is doing better work? Toko vs Twisted? PTshox wrote: Anyone have an opinion on who is doing better work? Tweet MoreAs our business has expanded so has our client base, we now custom remap ECU for customers across the world.

The demand has grown so much in the UK we have setup MotoTuning. You will get all the details on checkout. We will flash your ECU that will overall improve your motorcylce's performance. Mototuning specialise in immobilser repair. If you have lost all your keys for your bike we can help by coding new chip keys.

Contact MototTuning For immobiliser repair. MotoTuning was first started 4 years ago by Gary Donohue. With over 15 years experience in the motorcycle industry Gary began tuning and race preparing bikes.

His tuning center in Dublin consists of a custom setup designed to prepare race bikes with a in-house Dyno machine and engine rebuilding center. His expertise and skills have lead Gary to race prep bikes for the Manx Grand Prix, Mondello Masters just to name a few.

Simply enter your name and email! As a thank you for joining us, we're going to give you one of our best-selling courses, for free!

ktm ecu mapping

No Spam. Just good stuff. Skip to content. Email info mototuning. How Our Services Work 1. Immobiliser Repair Mototuning specialise in immobilser repair.

Cost-Effective ECU Mapping Mods

Our Pricing. Order Online. About Mototuning. WhatsApp us. Your first name.They have been the leader and brand pushing the envelope on the advancement of technology in the market. I have spent a lot of time on these models this past year and I can tell you when the first production model hit the track, I was completely disheartened with the efficiency of the EFI System.

The mapping was so far off, the bike felt heavy with a lack of response. This should not be the case with these models being the lightest in the class and a new engine that produces great power.

With all that being said I reached out to the team at Twisted Development to see if they had the answer to getting the Husqvarna running like it should and more importantly getting the most out of a great motorcycle. The Twisted Development crew had two options for me. They spent an entire day on the dyno running my bike getting the very rough standard curve smoothed out. We were not after more power, we were after efficiency and a lighter feel on the track.

The Dyno chart speaks for its self, in the picture you can see the stock ECU is extremely rough where the Twisted Development tune was smooth and consistent on pump fuel.

ktm ecu mapping

Once I hit the track I could tell right away this was how this bike was meant to run. It was extremely smooth and snappy in my hand making the Husgvarna so much more fun to ride. With the added response and lighter feel the overall experience riding the bike was improved. After spending an entire day riding I could only wonder where this bike would have stacked up in the shoot out if this tune came standard.

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Email: Jellis TD-Racing. Once the Mapping was done the ultra light felt as light as the scale says it is. The Red Line is the Twisted Development mapping and the rough looking blue line is production.

Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Likes.The popularity of the KTM XC-W TPI machine revolves around its clean power—a smooth exhaust of tractable muscle that erupts with a vibration-free throb that allows it to make traction.

There is no doubt that average riders are positively anemic compared to these racers, yet the serves their needs with as much authority. Over the last six months our has traveled more trail miles than any machine in our stable. In the process, we have tested a bevy of products, mods and updates that any hardcore flag-waver would embrace. Its Pro-Flo exhaust pipe is designed to be more durable than the stock chamber, yet offers smooth, consistent power.

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This exhaust pipe is a beefy unit, weighing more than the stocker. The mounting and fit mirror the stock unit, though loosening the mounting brackets allows it to properly line up with the muffler.

BrenTuning Moto 2014-2020 KTM SuperDuke R / GT / Adventure R / S 1290 – Handheld Diagnostic Tool!

Our extensive field testing showed that the SRT chamber made for a nice upswing in roll-on power. The smooth character of the is one of the critical factors in usable power, and the SRT Pro-Flo exhaust pipe gives it a little more pop. It is subtly stronger and very friendly. In two months of testing, we have yet to ding the pipe. We love the bottom-end strength and retention of usable thrust. The two-piece design with an outer dome and a changeable inner dome allows you to tailor your powerband for the altitude you ride at via the alternate dome profiles.

It utilizes tighter squish clearances and a narrow squish band, which will increase combustion efficiency and produce a more centralized push on the piston, thus increasing power. With a two-stroke, getting the proper compression is the key to usable thrust. RK prides itself on the fact that its employees ride, and molding the powerband to work more efficiently off-road is a process that is critical to their passion for riding.

We tested the RK billet head with the standard dome insert. This offers performance gains via the dome profile and increases compression, yet allows you to retain the standard ECU settings on the TPI machine. In the stock configuration, this machine tends to be a little rich down low and segues into a lean zone in the middle. With the RK head, we felt an immediate gain down low, making for more responsive power and the ability to short-shift and use a taller gear in technical terrain.

Mid-power felt strong, and peak power was both stronger and meatier. In this scenario, both the mid and upper power were stronger, allowing it to pull with more authority. The bottom line is that the RK billet head is a quality product that bolts up easily and makes for an immediate improvement in usable power. It actually makes the machine run cooler and is tunable via the dome inserts to perform in high-altitude conditions. The torque wing is installed on the engine side of your throttle body.

KTM 990 Tune ECU set up

The horizontal and vertical wings target the elimination of air turbulence, which increases air velocity to the engine. With a throttle body that uses a butterfly valve, a half-opened throttle has the butterfly opening working as a virtual wall that blocks incoming air.

The torque wing is designed to enhance flow, directing the air up and through the butterfly flap. The installation is not a knee-slapper. There are also locating tabs that you must bend and shape to fit into the throat of the throttle body.

We were nervous nellies using a hacksaw on our throttle body, but in the end, we got it located, set and fit in where the internal cutaway runs close to the opening butterfly valve. We were impressed with the improvement in the feel of the powerband. Short-shifting and throttling down to make traction in tricky terrain is much easier.

Overall, the Thunder Products torque wing gives our one more weapon in the search for usable tractable gains in bottom-to-mid power. We had a performance setting and a traction mode for smoother power in technical terrain. In the power mode, we were happy, though it tended to be rich and lethargic as the altitudes got up to the foot level.

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