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Rear Suspension Swingarm, dual shocks, preload adjustable. The tank, side covers, and upper forks were of the basic color green, gold, or red. The headlight shell was also the basic color.

The bike had a 4-into-4 throttle cable system. The exhaust system was a 4-into The engine was a cc SOHC 2-valve dry sump inline 4 cylinder linked to a 5-speed transmission and chain drive. The serial number began CB Honda's four was the original superbike; the machine that redefined the limits of motorcycle performance almost overnight.

Until the arrival of the Honda, with its broad bank of aircooled cylinders and four shining mufflers, mass-produced fours simply did not exist. The CB changed all that and went further, combining its basic appeal with a competitive price that included refinements such as a disc front brake and electric starter.

It was the Honda's engine that created all the impact. The angled-forward cc unit's design used many lessons learnt during Honda's days of racing multi-cylinder machines in the Sixties, although the roadster relied on a single overhead camshaft and two valves per cylinder, in contrast to the racers with their twin cams and four valves per pot.

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The CB's output of 67bhp was mighty impressive at the time, though, as were the smoothness and reliability with which it was delivered. The CB was designed as an all-rounder, with a view to sales in the important American market, but was good for over mph despite its high, wide handlebars. Handling, however, was only adequate, with the flex-prone steel frame and harsh suspension later coming in for criticism. But in the excitement of the CB's arrival few riders were put off by that - especially after veteran Dick Mann had proved the four's sporting potential by winning at Daytona in Honda sat on their laurels a little, barely updating the even when Kawasaki launched the faster cc Z1 four years later.

cb750 dohc engine

In fact, the CB was detuned slightly over the years to reduce emissions. When Honda finally revamped it in with the so-called Super Sports CBF - complete with flat handlebars, bright yellow paint and a four-into-one exhaust — the new bike's top speed was only mph.

The single-cam CB soldiered on for a full decade, finally being replaced by the valve CBK-a disastrous bike that combined poor handling with a series of mechanical problems. Bui the memory of that first great superbike remains with the faithful.

Source of review: Roland Brown. Features included Honda's first one-piece crankshaft, a dry sump design and a level of reliability never before seen. Harnessing this impressive power was an RC-type double-cradle frame and, in another breakthrough, a front disc brake.The Honda CB is quite easily one of the top 10 most important motorcycle models of the 20th century.

cb750 dohc engine

The CB was originally built to fulfill the requests of US and European Honda dealers who saw the potential for a larger capacity motorcycle to take on the likes of Harley-Davidson, Norton and Triumph.

Honda officials including the legendary founder of Honda — Soichiro Honda were a little reticent to make anything with an engine capacity too large — the largest Honda motorcycle available at the time was a cc parallel twin. These specifications were revolutionary. If possible, buy two bikes instead of one. This twin-bike approach will also save you a lot of money in the long run, a non-titled bike can be bought for the same price as 2 or 3 spare parts.

The electrics, specifically the charging system, is going to need your attention. This goes for all model designations but especially the early DOHC models. Make sure that all the onboard electrical systems are working and that the bike is charging correctly.

As with all second-hand motorcycle purchases there are a few basic things you need to take a close look at:. Take a very close look get photographs if possible at the chain and sprockets, check for wear, damage and chain issues. Ask the seller about the cam chains, are they set right and not too loose? Ask the seller about the front and rear suspension. Does it move up and down evenly without noise? Have the seller check and report on ALL the electrical systems.

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High-beam, low-beam, all four indicators, brake light, horn, charging and starting. This can be good a sign of a major headache further down the road. Make sure you plan to replace the consumables ASAP after purchasing. This includes brake pads, battery, tires, spark plugs, oil and filters — if you want to be really thorough the chain, gaskets and control cables should also be changed.

Do you own a Honda CB?We're often asked how much it will cost to rebuild an engine. We don't have a. We don't accept engines or bikes that have been heavily modified.

Honda CB750 Cafe Racer Part 24 - Engine rebuild - installing cam shafts \u0026 timing

We do not rebuild engines unless they are for use in stock bikes. No customs. We don't sell engines. We don't do "piecemeal" work. We have a test stand only for SOCH engines so the. If there are other mechanical problems with the vehicle, they will be repaired. If accepted. All projects are subject to review and may not be accepted.

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Want us to rebuild your engine? Before contacting us, familiarize yourself with our. When you're ready to proceed, contact us via email. Why do you feel the engine needs to be rebuilt?

What is your budget for this rebuild? Who will be servicing the bike after the rebuild?

Honda CB750 – The Essential Free Buying Guide

Are you wanting top end, bottom end or a complete engine rebuild? Does the engine have broken bolts or fins? Are the carburetor s stock? They will be required and rebuilt at an additional cost. Will you be providing any new parts?

Will the engine need crankshaft balancing? Do you wwn an early British bike or BMW?You do not have JavaScript enabled. In order to enjoy all the features of CB Clutch issue.

Setting float height on Internal sound, then no power Discussion for frames, suspension, wheels, tires, brakes, chains, sprockets, controls, bars, etc. Top Triple Clamp. Use this control to limit the display of threads to those newer than the specified time frame.

Honda CB750

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Forum Information and Options.Having built strong race CB engines we know what works and how this unit responds to which modifications with our own Dyno facility to get the best out of every component and optimize power delivery and fuel efficiency. You can send us your complete engine or just the barrels which will be bored and honed to suit the bigger forged pistons.

cb750 dohc engine

RPE Racing has re-engineered the CB engine in an attempt to unleash all the torque of a v-twin engine into a very compact unit and still be able to enjoy the characteristic sound of the king of the Fours. We will use durable high quality sleeves to replace the original ones and the barrel and cases have to be machined to match. This is the ultimate package and very much in-line with our race engines and would be suited to all types of street use, trackdays, club events, etc.

These are one of kind pieces of engineering where almost every component has been modified and improved to maintain reliability and achieve a very enjoyable and powerful engine with a very deep tone. Many hours are put into an engine build like this and the final product is a reflection of just that.

The biggest valves are used in the cylinder head with ports machined to match, the chamber is redesigned to improve efficiency, we will use our own custom designed rods which are race proven with lightweight pistons, a stroker crank is used in the cc engine while both the cc and cc engines use the standard stroke, camshaft choices to suit purpose, the crank will be balanced and have the knife-edge profile.

We also have available the choice of carburetted or fuel injected engines as well as the use of turbocharger or supercharger. Any other wear parts inside the engine bearings, timing chains, retainers, etc. Our highest performance CB Four engines have made more than hp on our dyno with amazing torque figures as well from the increased displacement.

We offer the, engines. The cc Engines involve: Re-sleeving of the barrels Crankcase machined out to accept larger sleeves Heavy duty conrods Other modifications available: knife edge balanced crankshaft copper head gasket performance exhaust system head porting performance camshaft revised ignition larger carburetors ceramic coated pistons.

Engines tested and tuned on the dyno in test bike before delivery. Honda CB cc Wakefield.You do not have JavaScript enabled. In order to enjoy all the features of CB Help Keep me logged in. Results 1 to 7 of 7. Thread: Engine rebuild. Engine rebuild Hello, Looking to buy a 78 Cb and was wondering what a typical rebuild would cost and if anyone knows a good shop in Portland Oregon area.

Is it a K or F motor? Stock rebuild or performance? Even stock rebuilds there are some things I upgrade. If you want to build some more power into the motor then open your checkbook or get a credit card ready. Best place to have a rebuild is Cycle X or Mike Rieck on the east coast.

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Not many places rebuild the motors themselves but cater to the diy home builders. APE is fairly close to you for machine work, they are in California. Having someone build it for you is gonna cost you a fair bit more because you are paying for their time and experience. I dont rebuild for others as of now but have toyed with the idea. Thanks for your reply! It's a K model. I would want a completely stock rebuild. I've heard that the transmissions on these bikes are pretty bulletproof and rarely need rebuilding depending on how hard they were ridden.

If you decide to rebuild For the most part the transmissions are pretty tough. The dogs do get rounded and shift forks can get bent but its normally on abused or races bikes.

K motor will be a little cheaper. Still need to do new primary chains and timing chain and get new honda tensioners for both. There has been an issue in the last year or so with some of the aftermarket rollers coming apart. Heavy duty cylinder studs are an absolute must in my book even for stock rebuilds.The removal of the air box or a exhaust change can make carb tuning a challenge on these models.

These Mikuni RS 34mm carburtors have been re-spaced, re-jetted and adapted to fit the Honda CB, models Problem solved! Sale price! Mikuni RS 34mm Air Filters. Mikuni Velocity Stacks Set of 4. Available in 15mm, 30mm, and 70mm. Compatible with our Mikuni carbs above. Here is a jet kit to help with your Honda project bike. Many people try jetting their bikes by just changing main or pilot jets with know real progress.

These kits have plenty of jets, but the needles are the science and cover a wide range of throttle positions. Adapter and oil pressure gauge included. Fits vintage Honda CB, and F models. Note: Use with lead acid batteries only! We love lowered bikes for their aggressive stance and short people love them for obvious reasons sorry short folks. Anyway, most shorty shocks are thin and spinally like they were on a moped or something. Lower your bike with these shocks. Wiseco quality with Cycle X race proven coatings.

Check it out. Features: Alloy adaptor will allow you to run chrome or black high level filters. Alloy adaptor will allow you to use a oil cooler. Special feature: Our alloy adaptor has a built in block off system.

By changing fittings you have the choice of using a cooler. Kit Includes: Alloy Oil Cooler adaptor. Oil Filter. Oil coolers mounted from this location are optimum. The oil is cooled and goes straight to all the vital parts of the motor. This flange kit replaces your old rusty stock flanges and the half moons on your DOHC bike. Works great with our 4 into 2 System!

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